How gong is managing sales teams right now

In the latest installment of our How We’re Managing Sales Teams *Right Now* video series, our co-founder Brian Trautschold sits down with someone on the sales front lines: Bryan Tucker, Manager, Mid-Market Sales, at sales technology leader

In this short video, they talk about how Bryan is keeping his growing and newly-remote team working together in a difficult situation. Within moments, he shares a simple set of parameters he uses to stay aligned in this historic business climate:


Bryan’s top 3 strategies for staying focused as a sales leader navigating a crisis:

    1.) Stay close to your team (both personally and professionally)

    2.) Make sure that targets are realistic and thoughtfully outlined

    3.) Create deliberate feedback loops to stay engaged and be more responsive to changing needs

One of the highlights of the chat was all about whether or not it’s time to adjust KPIs and goals for the sales team., like so many other companies, had to ask:


How do goals and quotas change as we head into an uncertain future?


Gong's reps average a whopping 75% quota attainment, so the decision to make major tweaks to their process was one that wasn’t going to be made lightly. When it comes to goal-setting, according to Bryan, the leadership team was faced with 3 options: Do nothing, attempt to forecast, or commit to a month-over-month ‘wait & see’ approach. 


Ultimately, they chose the cautious (yet still ambitious )‘wait & see’ approach. So, while goals today are still technically the same as they were pre-COVID, there are 7 business KPIs that they’re closely monitoring as a business month-over-month. If they start to see dips across these KPIs, then they’ve committed to making the necessary adjustments then. 


To learn more about how Bryan connects with reps in these trying times, watch the video below and learn more:












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