It has been roughly two weeks since sales teams left their bull-pens behind and all of the “floor generals” had their sales floors ripped out from under their feets. Some teams adjusted more quickly thanks to being already set up with certain technologies like Slack or Zoom, and others have had to scramble to replace desktop computers with laptops or ship physical desks to their employees.  


When this monumental shift happened, seemingly overnight, The Ambition product team went to work immediately shifting priorities and timelines to support our customers rapid move to remote. In addition to all of our existing sales performance features that already powered remote and centralized sales teams around the globe, today we are officially launching the first of four new product features and functionalities that are dedicated to the success of all the teams that rapidly went remote.


Employee Asks

Employee Asks helps managers operationalize asks from their sales reps. Reps can ask for specific coaching, share ideas, ask to compete or more. The asks create a “burn down” list for managers making sure things don’t fall through the cracks.

The Employee Asks project is being led by Ambition CEO Travis Truett. It is officially live for customers, but is not on by default. Ask your CSM or the support team to turn it on. 

employee asks

Ambition<>Zoom Integration

A bulk of our customers are using Zoom to power their remote face-to-face calls, meetings, and coaching check-ins now. To save managers time and clicks (we hear you, Bay!), managers will be able to launch a zoom call with their rep right inside the documented Ambition check-in. Managers can also tie recorded zooms to check-ins to keep track of call reviews or other conversations that happened to pop up as a drive-by coaching session. 

The Ambition and Zoom integration project is being led by Ambition Engineer, Tyler Neu. It is currently in development. 


Slackbot Integration 

A great number of dispersed and remote teams live in Slack. It is where we communicate, where we manage Google Docs, and it is where we enable visibility into things like meetings set and deals won. A certified Ambition<>Slack integration is in development now. This will allow customers to type commands to pull leaderboards, goals, and more. The idea is to save time and clicks and allow information to flow into the places people are already organically spending their time. 

The Slackbot project is being led by Ambition CTO and engineer, Jared Lewis


Weekly Digest

On Mondays, teams are often pulling together numbers to report back to the business how their teams performed the week prior. You can do this through triggers, you can add reports to your sales TVs, and one more option is just a quickly produced digest that we pull and email for leaders. It provides a great look at all of the things managers are spending their time doing. 

The Weekly Digest project is being led by Ambition CEO Travis Truett. It is in development. 

weekly digest

Remote resources and tactical selling advice from sales leaders

A huge focus for the whole Ambition team right now is supporting our customers and the sales community any way possible. Whether that be through product builds like above, creating useful content, or  working to speed up support ticket turn-around times, we want to be here for our customers. Here are a few recent resources that we hope will be of use to you right now. 

See the full Office Hours recording here 


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