Speaking from experience: we know the most powerful tools in a sales manager's tech stack are highly flexible, so they can work the way you work. That's why we're so excited to share three new enhancements to our sales leaderboards — and three new reasons why we're the most flexible coaching and gamification platform out there.

Ambition users can now display zeros instead of counting them as null, showcase a new multi-metric slide type that displays performance across many KPIs, and even use emojis in leaderboards, because — let’s face it: they’re modern AND fun. 

Here’s a look at what that actually means for sales managers:

1. Bottom to Top Leaderboards

ambition leaderboard

Just like in the game of golf, sometimes lower scores win. Channel your inner Tiger Woods and set up some bottom-to-top leaderboards in your own coaching strategies. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Hygiene Metrics: Lower is better when it comes to CRM errors!  

  • Opportunities without Products

  • Opportunities without Competitors Listed

  • Opportunities without Activity in Last 30 Days

Lifecycle Metrics: Don’t let your deals get stale or sell bad deals that churn!  

  • Time from Lead to Opportunity

  • Time from SAL to Commit 

  • Churn Rate Per Sales Rep

Efficiency Metrics-- Ensure accountability to productive, efficient reps 

  • Discounts given 

  • Average time to answer 

Multi-Metric Leaderboard Slides 

multi-metric leaderboard slide gif

Sometimes leaderboards are used to leverage motivation and recognition tactics that drive improved performance. Other times, they're used for visibility into the state of the sales floor. When looking to be as transparent as possible with KPIs and performance, use a multi-metric slide. 

Activity metrics 

  • Calls, Emails, LinkedIn connections-- show all of the metrics that make up the activity score 

  • Rank by activity score total-- but then include end goal revenue metrics to show how they effect the big picture 

Objective metrics

  • Meetings booked, Meetings held, Opportunities created-- Show all of the metrics that make up the objective score

  • Rank by objective score, but include activities alongside it to show how they impact the objectives

Company level metrics

  • Showcase metrics at the organizational level for rep understanding and alignment — think: gross profit, revenue, pipeline.

  • Team roll-ups for activity, objective, and results metrics. Show performance by team across activities (like calls), objectives (like booked meetings), and results (like quota). Are your activity leaders also your top closers? Let’s see! 

3. Fun Bonus

These updates also include emoji support. 🎉 That may sound like a minor design touch, but emojis are super popular. Utilizing them not only looks great on your big screen, but it also is a fun culture play that will resonate with your sales force. 

Want to learn about other recent Ambition updates? Check out our Roadmap Webinar to see what we've been up to — and what's in store for 2020! 

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