Our brand-new Ambition feature is a big one - target-based data triggers.

Primer: Ambition Triggers

Users can create Triggers to be notified of behavioral inflection points, both positive and negative, on a real-time or scheduled basis.

Up until today, Trigger logic could only be established around a metric's absolute value. For example, send a notification to a TV when an employee surpasses 60 calls.

Enter: Target-Based Triggers

While powerful, the problem with this is that 60 calls might be a good threshold for some employees and a bad threshold for others. Now Trigger logic can be established on a user's relative target which is pulled in from the Ambition Scorecard. For example, send a notification to a TV when an employee surpasses 120% of their call target.

This addition allows new context to be displayed across the various Ambition Trigger display mediums.

Ambition TV

ambition tv triggers with targets

Slack Channels

ambition target triggers


ambition target triggers

More coming this week as we prepare another big launch, one of our biggest requests to be unveiled soon!

The Flexible Sales Management Platform

Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization).  Fortune 1000 sales organizations like UPS, Aerotek and Wayfair use Ambition to enhance sales KPI clarity and drive their teams using real-time scorecards, dashboards, alerts, contests, and TV leaderboards. 

tennessee sales organizations

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