The Apex Predator returns with year-end motivation for your sales team.

apex predator sales

Good morning, sales comrades.

I'm going to get to the good stuff. It's end-of-year. Closing season. Winning time. 

The Top 5 Motivational Sales Videos  

Whether you're a rep or a manager, it's time to dig deep and find that little extra inspiration.

So to help you do that, I dusted off the old keyboard and am sharing with you today - my top 5 personal favorite motivational sales videos.

1. Beast Mode: Over and Over.

There's no deeper metaphor here.  

Stop getting cute, reps. Hit the phones like Marshawn in 2010.

2. Ric Flair: Slick Ric.

Now is not the time for self-doubt, hombres. I want you to walk through the doors of your office during the next 12 days feeling bulletproof like Ric Flair ca. 1985.

Also - if you are the person on your sales team who spent the most money on spilt liquor in 2017 - congratulations, you're the resident badass.

3. Richard Sherman: Rips Michael Crabtree.

Because you can never half enough self-confidence this time of the year.

Richard Sherman is welcome to speak at my company's 2018 Sales Kickoff - and all future Sales Kickoffs from now until eternity.

4. Bob Knight: Angry Halftime Speech.

Managers - if you have failed to instill discipline in your reps, I encourage you to listen to this 90 second Ted Talk from the General. 

Now, go deliver some fire and brimstone. Let them know you're not here to f*ck around this week.

5. Negotiation: We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists.

Don't let Flaming Dragon screw you over on that Tivo Clause, boys and girls. 

Take command of the situation, Les Grossman-style. F*ck Pan-Pacific Power Plays.

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