Ambition Elevates Sales Coaching Excellence With New Coaching Automation and Performance Graph 

For the first time, go-to-market (GTM) leaders can create a coaching effectiveness graph that directly correlates their employee development efforts to sales outcomes.

NASHVILLE, December 14, 2023 – Ambition, the leading sales coaching platform, today announced its newest automation for revenue and enablement leaders, a coaching effectiveness graph. This unrivaled GTM data visualization systematically analyzes manager <> rep coaching interactions over time and their effect on key business drivers like pipeline creation, meetings held, or closed/won revenue.

“Ambition is a tool for revenue leaders to present their body of work,” said Bryan Branch, director of corporate sales at the leading waste management service in North America. 

This ‘body of work’ that Branch calls out, or more simply put leadership statistics, needs to make its way into the boardroom. According to Gartner’s annual HR Priorities survey, “leader and manager development” tops the list of 2024 priorities. Ambition’s coaching effectiveness graph measures this.

To drive positive, responsible revenue growth in 2024, the C-suite must consistently evaluate whether their leaders and managers are effectively coaching sellers through strategic and stalled deals, improving pipeline generation skills, and offering outcomes-driven feedback

“This is a huge unlock for revenue leaders,” said Jared Houghton, co-founder and CRO at Ambition. “Most organizations I speak to either can’t do this, or if they do, it requires full-time enablement, RevOps, and BI analysts to produce this level of visibility. With the effectiveness graph, you can identify if leaders are helping their reps evolve to meet targets or not, and if they have gaps or weaknesses in their day-to-day manager operations practices.”

Performance management, like enhancing the 1:1, team meetings, call camps, forecasting meetings, and pipeline review, among others, is at the heart of Ambition’s capabilities. With this latest product release, not only do the tools for frontline managers to coach reps exist, tools for executives to coach the coaches exist. 

“Ambition gives me a communication path forward,” said Jayson Anderson, global director of sales development at Harness. “The personnel-management side of sales coaching is a major part of my job, and being able to quickly diagnose and fix problems is why I love Ambition.”

In 2023, Ambition was named Top 50 Sales Products by G2, a Sales Coaching Gold Medalist by SoftwareReviews, and one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. 5000. If you’re curious about how the software works, Ambition also recently unveiled its first self-guided product tour. Take the tour now.

“I’m really excited with our momentum and velocity as we enter 2024,” said Travis Truett, co-founder and CEO at Ambition. “Our main focus remains manager enablement. We believe the frontline manager is primarily responsible for culture, momentum, employee outcomes, and ultimately the bottom-line. Given the current reality where companies must do more with less, strategic investment in the manager is critical toward goal attainment.” 

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