According to Gartner, 56% of sales leaders identify “managing internal change initiatives” as their top challenge right now. Are you seeing this in your org, too? 

If your answer is yes, keep reading or tune into the video above. 👆

In today’s episode with The Product Team, Travis, Bethany, and I cover three ways enterprise-level companies use Ambition Coaching Cadences™ to help them carry out initiatives and reach goals. We also dive into coaching data and trends, plus our latest product releases. 

Coaching Cadence Use Cases

Top 3 coaching programs enterprise-level companies are running right now

  • Onboarding

    Many sales orgs are changing their growth strategy or optimizing it for 2024, which means they are hiring net-new roles. Onboarding has always been critical in sales, but in today’s world you just can’t miss. That’s why Ambition customers are using cadences to build repeatable onboarding campaigns that help guide an employee or a cohort of employees through their first 6 weeks on the job, and beyond.
  • Activity Accelerators

    With Q4 around the corner, quick-fixing pipeline or improving a specific rep skill or metric is top-of-mind among enterprise sales leaders. If a rep is lagging behind, they can be enrolled into an Ambition Coaching Cadence that is designed to help them hit their KPIs.
  • Career Development

    Length of tenure directly correlates with revenue impact, and as strategies evolve, enterprises must retain their top performers to achieve results. That’s why teams are building cadences that take employees to the next level in their career. Examples here are mentorship programs, goal setting, and 30-60-90 day reviews or check-ins. 

Coaching Data & Trends 

What Ambition customers realize by using our sales coaching platform

  • 302,861 metric questions asked in Ambition to date. This volume tells us that dynamically embedding data into coaching questions drives efficiency, transparency, and accountability across the enterprise.
  • 102% average metric increase when explicitly tied to Coaching Orchestration™. We’ve excluded outliers (bottom/top 10%), but what the data tells us here is dedicated coaching efforts help businesses achieve results and carry out high-level initiatives successfully.
  • 507% metric improvement seen by a customer in the Fortune 500: This could be you in 2024.

Latest Product Releases 

Ambition Coaching Orchestration just got better

  • Product Update #1: Co-Coaches for Cadences
    • Add a co-coach to view and interact within a coaching moment. This is perfect for someone like a team lead, HR professional, or enablement specialist who needs insight into coaching interactions, but isn’t the employee’s direct manager.
  • Product Update #2: Coaching Instructions
    • Coach the coach with coaching instructions! This allows enablement leaders to help managers become skilled coaches, even if they’re not directly involved in the coaching interaction. Coaching instructions are embedded within a coaching agenda for the manager’s eyes only.
  • Product Update #3: Action Item Due Dates
    • Assign action items a due date and deadline to keep everyone accountable. Action items are used to document coaching outcomes and deliverables, and now you can specify when those deliverables are due.

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