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Sales Activity Tracking for Sales Managers

Ambition's sales activity management system lets sales managers create transparency around key sales metrics, improving sales visibility while making sales reporting a breeze. Get started now
Sales Activity Tracking Software

Track Your Sales Activities

Track key sales KPIs like prospecting activity vs. target, lead flow, lead response time, booked revenue, win rate/closing ratio, quota fulfilment, revenue per rep and more.
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    Real time sales activity tracking

    Enable your team to set clear targets, expectations, and assessments by helping your team adopt the right workflows, shared resources, and sales coaching. Ambitions sales activity tracking helps you gauge whether your salespeople operate at peak efficiency and be a more effective sales manager.

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    A data-driven approach to sales management

    Dashboards give your sales managers a view into the key performance indicators (KPIs) and help you become a better sales manager. Ambition gives you visibility, predictability and control to revenue generation.

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