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New eBook: Using Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions

Announcing our groundbreaking new eBook with Prezi, Outreach, and DocSend.

Since the turn of the millenniun, modern B2B sales and marketing teams have been grappling with powerful new technology to create efficient, data-driven processes and communicating with buyers in more conversational, persuasive, customized, and effective ways.

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Using Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions - our new eBook with Prezi, Outreach, and DocSend - unearths cuttin-edge insights from four of the leading-edge B2B sales and marketing service providers for sales and marketing communication, outreach, presentations, alignment, and performance management. 

Using Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions

Using Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions has everything you operate more nimbly and effectively - whether you're running sales, marketing, or operations. Check out the latest data and industry insights from our clients to learn the following:

  • The do's and don'ts of cold calling
  • How to optimize email copy to drive better outcomes
  • The secret to creating content that accelerates sales
  • Why a data-driven pipeline helps sales leaders own the middle of the sales funnel
  • Why “modern KPIs” are the new frontier of business performance analytics
  • How to create sales presentations that deliver value long after the meeting is over

Plus, you’ll get access to best practices and examples from each company. Start using more relevant, data-driven insights today, and help your sales and marketing teams connect with prospects and drive more deals than ever before. 

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This eBook is all yours - 100% free of charge. Click here and submit your work email to download your copy of Using Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions.

Manage Your Entire Sales Force with Ambition

Modern sales leaders use Ambition to enhance Salesforce KPI visibility and run supercharged sales reports, scorecards, contests, and TVs.

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Ambition has helped improve Salesforce KPI visibility for the likes of WayfairFiveStars, and Filemaker, and holds the distinction as the first sales management platform endorsed by Harvard Business Review,

Want bright lights on your Salesforce KPIs? Contact us.

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About Ambition
Sales Leaders, HR Professionals, and C-Level Executives use Ambition to recognize, motivate, and develop employees into more engaged and productive versions of themselves. Funded by Google, used by the Fortune 500, endorsed by the Harvard Business Review.

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