Drive Behavior that Leads to Outcomes and Encourage Your Reps, Every Step of the Way

Achieving results across programs and individual or team goals is the purpose of this latest integration. Now sales managers can highlight top rep performance and facilitate peer<>peer learning, right where business communication happens: in Webex.

Why Revenue Leaders Love Ambition for Webex

Integrate Ambition with Webex
Show Sellers What Good Looks Like

Utilize Ambition for Webex to show what sales activities and outcomes are required to do the job well.

Integrate Ambition with Webex
Build a Win-Win Sales Culture

Accountability and encouragement are the pillars of a world-class sales culture. Ambition for Webex promotes this.

Integrate Ambition with Webex
Recognize Reps and Successful Sales Motions

Driving positive behavior requires managers to consistently identify and share great work. Ambition for Webex makes that easy.

Amplify Achievements to Fire Up Your Team

Create real-time celebration in Webex using Ambition alerts to amplify wins like closed/won deals, meetings set, or trainings completed. To further reinforce positive behavior, add custom detail to an alert like a “win story” or “win reason” to facilitate ongoing peer<>peer learning and coaching. Learn more about what types of alerts you can build in Ambition by reading this article.

Integrate Ambition with Webex

Show Real-Time Standings to Inspire Productivity

Nothing motivates a rep more than trying to meet or beat top-of-the-leaderboard rep performance and behavior. By sharing daily standings within Webex spaces and teams, sales managers will see productivity increase by 25% using Ambition for Webex. For fun leaderboard and contest ideas, read this blog.

Integrate Ambition with Webex