Fantasy Football for Sales Teams

Inspire, motivate and engage your reps with Fantasy Football Sales Contests

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Create Sales Process Accountability & Engagement

Embrace the excitement of Fantasy-Football style competitions and Engage Your Entire Team

"We're using Ambition across our sales and client services teams. An easy way to define metrics and contests that drive daily behaviors. "

Jen Schleuter
Manager, Sales Operations | Cvent

Ambition powers Fantasy Football Sales contests

Start tracking your SalesForce activity in realtime through our productivity dashboards

Sales Competition Features

All of the features you need to run a Fantasy Football Sales competition for your performance-focused organizations.



Setup contests and utilize our critically-acclaimed "Fantasy Football" system for sales teams. Encourage and incentivize healthy competition within organizations to help each other get better over the course of 8-12 weeks.


Easily Display KPIs

Keep it simple with clear objectives for your Sales team. Keep your team engaged and motivated with our beautiful TV displays. Set a performance baseline that keeps your entire sales organization engaged.



Every week is a new challenge, a new opponent. Set and track milestones for employees, managers, groups, organization. Goals can be synced to real-time metrics or tracked free-form for maximum flexibility.



Promote accountability by defining and benchmarking short-term activities and long-term objectives for employees to see and own in their quest for success. Keep the entire sales organization engaged by focusing on effectiveness of individual benchmarks.

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