Pop quiz! Are you: 

a) stressed out about Q4 quota?

b) worried about Q1 pipeline?

c) wondering how your industry peers hold reps accountable?

d) all of the above?


We've got your back — just in the nick of time! Today, we're rolling out our bigger, better Template Hub, featuring brand new partner templates from the Braves, Xactly, Freightwaves and more. Download and customize the exact scorecards that other smart sales leaders use to coach their reps. 

(And hey, speaking of coaching: if you're ready to take your programs to the next level, sign up for our 2020 Roadmap Webinar. Get a front-row seat to all the ways we're making coaching easier and more impactful!)

More visibility, more accountability, more deals done

No matter where you are in your quest to drive transparency and accountability on your sales floor, our free scorecard templates will make your job easier and your work more impactful, so you can improve the performance of every rep, starting now.

Not currently using scorecards? This is the perfect place to start. You'll bring a level of visibility into your reps' activities and results that you never thought possible — in no time at all.

Swamped with spreadsheets? If you’ve already got scorecards set up in Excel, good work: you’re ahead of the game. Now, take it up a notch with our templates, which have built-in formulas and KPI calculators so you never have to do sales math again.

Already automated? If you’re a current Ambition user, you’re well aware that scorecards are a must-have tool for sales managers. While your Ambition scorecards are fully automated — download our free templates and see which activities and objectives other sales leaders like you care about — and the revenue targets they’re shooting for. 

Stop managing, start coaching — and head over to the Template Hub, stat!

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