In case you haven't heard — we're pretty excited about our Customer Summit in Nashville this week. (And no, it's not just because of the honkey tonk happy hour...) We're honored to be hosting fearless sales leaders as speakers and guests at our event, from companies like Dell, Verizon, Houzz, Eventbrite, Demandbase, Outreach, Pendo, and many, many more! 

Below is a rundown of a few of our sessions — as well as links to free templates, webinars, playbooks and more.

1. Let's Get Personal: How to Personalize Emails & Calls at Scale

Becc Holland of will discuss radically pivoting from a “volume-based” messaging strategy to an “all tailored, all the time” strategy at scale. She’ll cover how to create a new messaging structure that enables reps to write personalized messaging that's more personal than ever before, while unlocking repeatable (and drastically improved) quota-attainment as a result.

Want more? Download Becc's FREE Sales Coaching Template and see the exact questions she asks during her 1:1s.


2. Step-by-Step: Create Better Scorecards For Your Reps

Mary Foster, Ambition Customer & Product Marketing Manager, will show us how to create a better sales scorecard that will set everyone on your team up for success.

Want more? Download our FREE Sales Manager Scorecard template, built specifically for managers to track and measure their impact.


3. Coaching Is The New Management: How a Coaching Approach To Sales Leadership Is Changing The Game

Brian, our co-founder and COO at Ambition, will explain what it really means to build a culture — and all the things that a strong culture entails. He'll walk us through using real-time data to make incremental management decisions that will move the needle AND motivate your reps like never before.

Want more? Download our Moving the Middle sales coaching playbook for a step-by-step guide to smarter sales coaching!


4. Five Tips To Make Call Coaching More Successful

Lauren Bailey, the founder of Factor8, identifies the five most common call-coaching mistakes. If you're a a walking Coach-tastrophe, take a deep breath: it's fixable. In Lauren's tactical session, she'll show you how to recognize your mistakes, make fixes, and change your approach to call coaching so you can double your results.

Want more? Check out our SDR webinar featuring Lauren and other sales leaders, all about creating coaching strategies in the face of aggressive revenue targets.


5. PANEL: Your 2020 Salestech Forecast: The tools innovative sales leaders need in their stack

  • Hana Elliott (VP Marketing, Ambition)
  • Steve Richard (Founder, ExecVision)
  • Vishal Shah (Head of Corporate Development) Showpad
  • Mark Kosoglow (VP of Sales) Outreach
  • Lars Wold (SVP of Sales, Dialsource)

Proven veterans of SalesTech will discuss the key trends and needs driving innovation in technology, operations, and sales enablement. In this session, they’ll talk about the tools a modern sales leader has to have to stay innovative and what to expect next based on their unique, collective knowledge of the sales technology landscape.

Want more? Download our latest software guide to make sure you've got the right tools in your tech stack!


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