Track manager-rep interactions, document employee development, and draw meaningful conclusions about the business impact of your sales coaching programs in real time.

Ambition, the industry’s leading software solution for go-to-market leaders, today announced a new way to track and report on the success of your company’s sales coaching programs. Within Ambition Coaching Orchestration™, the addition of manager accountability analytics allows Sales Enablement or Ops the ability to programmatically measure 1:1 and team check-in progress and extract coaching trends critical to business success.

“Historically, companies relied on anecdotal evidence to answer key questions about coaching program results and now they can rely on data,” Travis Truett, CEO at Ambition said. “Manager accountability analytics within our platform answers the critical question, ‘Are coaching moments happening?’”

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A recent study by Korn Ferry International reports that strong sales coaching directly correlates with strong revenue performance—and the Total Economic Impact™ of Ambition validates that. The average enterprise attributes 45%, 50%, and 35% of increased revenues to Ambition in Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3, decreasing over time due to the assumption that additional enablement will contribute to gains in incremental profit.  

“The three key ways to measure sales coaching are by quantity of the coaching activities, quality of the sessions, and performance improvements,” Jared Houghton, CRO at Ambition said. “With robust Coaching Orchestration you can hold your leaders accountable to critical metrics—and easily decipher whether a manager is ready for a leadership role or not.”

Since 2021, Ambition added key Coaching Orchestration clients to their roster from the Fortune 100 including Waste Management and Zoom. Sarah Linich, Sales Manager at Zoom, recently commented about how important measured coaching is in a work-from-anywhere world, “What happens in a remote environment is there’s not as much insight from an executive level about whether or not coaching moments are happening. To have a tool like Ambition that alerts executive leadership about what you’re doing on a weekly basis is amazing.”
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With 28% of revenue leaders unsure if sales coaching even happens at their organization (source: Ambition Revenue Performance Maturity Assessment), this recent innovation changes industry standards.

“Coaching and managing people is a grand responsibility—it shapes the future valuation of a business,” Butler Raines, VP of Product and Engineering at Ambition said. “All frontline leaders need to be held accountable because they have the greatest influence on the employees’ success and retention. Taking the guesswork out of sales coaching and middle management is the path to sustained revenue and growth.”

Access sales coaching templates or learn more about Ambition Coaching Orchestration here. 

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