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[VIDEO] Terminus + Outreach + Ambition + Heinz Marketing: Successful Sales/Marketing/SDR Alignment

[VIDEO] Terminus + Outreach + Ambition + Heinz Marketing: Successful Sales/Marketing/SDR Alignment

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[VIDEO] Terminus + Outreach + Ambition + Heinz Marketing: Successful Sales/Marketing/SDR Alignment

Last week, our VP of Customer Success & Solutions, Kelly Berg, sat down with a formidable panel of industry experts at Sendoso's Connected virtual event:

  • Accomplished 2x author and Co-Founder of Terminus, Sangram Vajre. 
  • Author, Keynote Speaker, and President of Heinz Marketing, Matt Heinz.
  • Author, Founder of Saleshacker, and current VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach, Max Altschuler.

Whew! What a lineup, right? Who's Kelly? Well, I'm glad you ask: 

  • Kelly's a veteran Customer Success leader who loves helping companies create delightful customer experiences. She has spent the majority of her career focusing on retention, revenue expansion and technical success for SaaS and entertainment companies. 


  • Notable career highlights include seeing Eventbrite and CafePress through their respective IPOs, moving across the country to scale a CS organization in *Nashville, and spending time next to the NBA court while working for her hometown Sacramento Kings.


  • When she’s not analyzing churn rates and strategizing expansion plays, Kelly spends her time teaming up with her husband to chase their **2-year-old identical twins. 

In their panel, they dished on the keys to sales, marketing, SDR, and CS alignment and how the future is brighter (and revenue is more predictable) when cross-functional teams within your revenue organization move in lockstep. 

*...and her house may or not be haunted. That's a completely different blog post, though.

**literally, maaaaaybe the cutest children I've ever seen and there are TWO of them and they look exactly the same! Bonkers! It's bonkers.

Check out the recording here:

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