In a study we conducted last year, we found that more than half of reps say they don’t have what they need to reach their goals. While sales coaching may be happening in their orgs, they recognize that they need more and better coaching to meet (much less exceed) their goals. Aside from asking the right questions and being consistent, at Ambition we know that the thing separating so-so sales coaching from effective sales coaching is *always* data. 

However, just like with coaching itself, not all data is created equal. How do you know your data is clean? How do you spot early warning signs a prospect is about to fly the coup? How do you teach a sales rep to turn a hunch into a sure thing with only what they can see in Salesforce?

In this new video series, I’m going to sit down with experts from all walks of life - from practitioners to coaches and beyond - to bring you insights that will help you develop a powerhouse sales coaching strategy that gets real results. 

In this installment of “Data-Driven Sales Coaching, I sat down with Bombora’s VP of Sales and Success, Matt Gingerich, to chat about the important role that intent data plays in helping sales managers better align with marketing and teach their reps to develop a better sense of who they should be calling and when.  

Know an amazing data guru that you think I *have to* interview? Let me know!

Let’s get smarter together, y’all!

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