Yesterday, our VP of Sales, Mark McWatters, sat down with long-time Friend of Ambition and CEO of Flip The Script, Becc Holland, to dish on all things sales coaching.

Before we get to the recording down below, I want to share my Top 5 drop-the-mic-oh-this-is-a-spicy-take moments from the webinar. 


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#1. “Sales is not an art. It’s a science.” - Becc 

Sorry, Picasso! The conversation started out scorching hot as Mark and Becc discussed the importance of developing a formula for success for your reps so that you can remove the guesswork and increase win rates in a predictable way. 


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#2. "If you need to develop the sales blueprint yourself as a contributor - do it. People I'm interviewing that can say, 'I was the first sales hire at X company and I built the sales formula'. I’m hiring you.” - Mark

In another blow to artists across the world, it’s the architects that clean up, if you ask Mark. Be the person in your org that continuously improves upon the formula you're given, and can eloquently outline your strategies and outcome, and that’s money, baby!

#3. "A great competition tells a story and it’s not ‘How Mark beats Becc’, but it’s ‘How Mark beats Mark’." - Mark 

No, they didn’t pivot to talking about MMA fights, but Mark and Becc did go into detail about how you reinforce your sales formula with smart uses of sales gamification. And, in Mark’s estimate, a smart contest is one that forces your reps to compete against themselves in order to always be improving.

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#4. “Find the sales 1:1 tactics that work for individual reps. If the rep wants to skip (their 1:1), it’s NOT effective." - Becc

I loved this incredibly simple, but incredibly true statement that Becc made about how to measure the quality of your coaching conversations. If they aren’t craving the direction that you’re giving them week after week, you may be missing the mark.

#5. "Great Coaching is The Marriage of Accountability & Encouragement." - Mark

While nobody ended up walking down the aisle in this webinar, Mark did share his guiding philosophy on what makes for a solid coaching practice. Turns out, you can’t hold a rep accountable to goals without encouragement. However, hollow praise without follow-through is a dead end, too. 

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