Creating an effectiveness score for your sales reps

In Ambition Office Hours this week, we talked about measuring the effectiveness of your sales team through two simple KPIs... an activity score and an objective score. Sales is a role built on data and dashboards and KPIs galore, but rolling all of those seperate metrics into two single scores that show 1) how productive your reps are and 2) how well they translate that productivity into performance, it makes the role of the sales leader simpler. It allows reps to self manage to every metric their manager cares about in 2 single metrics that can be posted on leaderboards, gamified, coached on and more. 

What is the activity score?

A sales activity score should be comprised of 3-5 metrics that are weighted in order of importance and are 100% in the reps' control. A common list of these "activity metrics" are: 

  • Dials made
  • Emails sent
  • Voicemails left
  • Connected calls
  • LinkedIn connections
  • New contacts added

When you roll all of these metrics, thier target benchmarks, and the weight of performance together, your reps can strive to hit a "perfect 100" and that is the only number they have to focus on for the day. If your most important activity is connected calls, they won't be able to hit 100 by just blasting LinkedIN connections or spending the entire day adding contacts. You are laying out the blue print for the activity and the tasks that they need to hit in order to reach their performance objectives. 

Here is a sample scorecard for an SDR or BDR role

This look offers a look at how productive a rep is based on a single score of 0-100 and calculates automatically by integrating into the full sales tech stack. You can look at each individual as well as the full team. You can see here, the team is at a 38/100 for the day based on current activities. 

activity scorecard breakdown

What is an objective score?

An objective score is a single score that shows how effective the rep or team is at converting the sales activities like dials into objectives like meetings set or pipeline created. It should be comprised of 1-3 metrics or KPIs that are results of the daily sales activities. Some examples of KPIs that makeup a good objective score are: 

  • Meetings scheduled

  • Meetings held
  • Content opened
  • Sales qualified opportunities 
  • Sales pipeline created

Here is an example objective scorecard

objective score



Ambition calculates these scores automatically, and in real time through integrating with your full tech stack and CRM. If you aren't ready to purchase Ambition just yet, have a look at how you can create these 2 invaluable scores here with our sales scorecard templates

Managing the conversion of activity into effectiveness

When condensing all of the sales activities and objectives down into 2 single scores, you can then look at how productive or effective your team is at converting those activities into the key objectives. Ambition makes this easy to do by viewint the activity against the objectives in a quadrant format. You can coach the "four corners" in a simple way at a single glance: 

  • Top right corner: these reps are hitting activity levels that show hustle and sales activity productivity are there as well as highly achieving the objective score that indicates a high level of performance. These are your top players
  • Bottom right corner: These reps are hitting activity levels and working hard from a productivity standpoint, but aren't converting well into objectives. They likely need pitch refinements to convert connects to meeting sets, but they are putting in the work. You'll likely yield high results from coaching this corneer.
  • Top left corner: These reps are scoring high in objectives, but not on sales acitivites. Chances are they are not properly logging or maintaining accurtate CRM activity, and should be coached around the visibility of their activities
  • Bottom left corner: These reps are not performing from either an activity or objective stand point. If these are new hires, consider putting them in their own "role" or group to be scored on different ramp benchmarks. Ambition scorecards make this easy to do. 


See the full Office Hours recording about activity and objective scores here

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