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[WEBINAR RECORDING] Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated *Right Now*: Contests, Competitions, and Incentives For The Long Haul

Experts share ideas on how to take your sales contests, competitions, and spifs to the next level!

Yesterday, I really hit a HOME RUN by hosting an ALL-STAR panel of experts.

We talked about how to help your sales team KEEP THEIR HEAD IN THE GAME with smart sales contests and competitions.

No surprise, but they really KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.

This is part in the recap where you may be asking, “Jamie, why all the really awkward and seemingly irrelevant baseball puns?"

And while that's a valid question, I bet you'd do the same thing if you got an expert from The Atlanta Braves sales organization like Seth Condra to explain how they break down their sales contests, competitions, and incentives to be on your webinar. (I also got brilliant sales leaders Nimit Bhatt from memoryBlue, Julianne Thompson from Drift, and Chris O’Connor from Ambition on the panel, too.)

I'll spare you more corny puns, and explain all the smart things they said now. 

In this webinar they covered:

  • Actionable templates for developing your own sales contests

  • Super-tangible incentives that don’t cost any money

  • Practical advice for holding reps accountable while remote

  • How to onboard (yourself and new reps) while remote with sales gamification

  • …and a whole lot more. 




Head over to to learn more about how we help thousands of savvy sales leader incorporate contests and competitions into their sales training practices to help SALES ROOKIES become MVPs! (Ok. Now I’m done.) 

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