Sales Gamification That Works

Ambition is the market leader in sales gamification software.

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Motivate and celebrate your remote or in-office team.

  • Real-time contests: Spin up contests in seconds and see an immediate spike in productivity and engagement. No whiteboards or spreadsheets, no coding apex or submitting tickets.
  • Leaderboards you can access anywhere: Blast competition standings across custom-branded screens, which your reps can view from home. Celebrate wins with Slack-integrated anthems and gifs.
  • Full sales tech stack integration: Ambition integrates with all the tools in your sales tech stack — including your CRM, email, Slack, Zoom, Chorus and more.
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Running a contest? Get tips and inspiration here!

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The ultimate game changer for sales managers


If you've got access to Ambition, you've got access to every rep's performance, at any given moment.


Working from home comes with distractions. Bring back the "buzz" and keep your reps' heads in the game.


Set clear expectations and get everyone on the same page — even when you're not on the same sales floor.

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