Yesterday, our Ambition CSM team hosted an Office Hours session that focused on how to utilize Ambition TVs and Leaderboards to recognize and motivate their sales reps.  Twice a month the Ambition Customer Success team will be offering tips, tricks, and best-practices that are designed to help sales leaders hit goals, deploy programs, and utilize Ambition features to their fullest potential. Here is recap of some of the top takeaways when it comes to using TVs and Leaderboards in your sales org.

See the Slides Here

Visibility and recognition made easy with Ambition TVs

Main Takeaways

  • Running the Ambition TV URL works great on the sales floor, but the URL can also be run in the browser to unite remote sales teams
  • Sales TVs can be put in presentation mode to conduct team coaching sessions or team meetings. Keep all your reports up to date by using the TV and just pull the URL when it is time to meet! 
  • Most Improved leaderboard types help motivate the whole team and prevent burn out of the same sales rep coming in first every time
  • You can leverage the psychology of showing progress toward an end goal with percent to target metrics. (Studies show this visualization drives attainment!)
  • Ambition TVs can be customized to match your brand and you can also customize the scrolling ticker, add birthday, anniversary or new hire slides-- essentially giving you digital signage capabilities.
  • Using Ambition Accolades with your TVs helps you automate the tracking and celebrating of things like President's Club!

Check out the Recording Here

[VIDEO] Office Hours

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