What makes great sales teams special? 


Every sales org believes they are hiring the best people. And they certainly have the best intentions to maximize the people they have today. 

Companies and teams are really a coordinated group of people. And coordinating and maximizing people is challenging. 

People are not static. And the markets we operate in are certainly not static. 

Even if you hire the best and bring in top talent, the only constant in our business is change. 

So we have to lead, develop, and direct the energy and output of our people in the most optimal way. 

Simply, they must have great sales coaching

With challenges coming both from our inside and outside our companies, leaders have to be equipped with the tools to coach their people to achieve. 

Great sales teams are successful because they coach their people effectively.

Over the past 6 years, our team has built the most robust sales gamification platform on the market. 

When we started down that path, we had two beliefs: 

  • People want to be productive and successful, but that often requires changing behavior. And that's hard. But what if we could make it fun?

  • Most companies have the right intentions, but lack modern tools to tap into the power of inspiration and motivation. 

I feel so much pride for our team when I hear a story about a sales person who exceeded a stretch goal or was able to hit quota for the first time while using Ambition. 

But we’ve always known there was more to be done.

As we partnered with more sales leaders and sales enablement teams, an area we kept hearing about was sales coaching. A vague concept that every organization believes in, but frankly, no team really knew how to do effectively. 

We also knew that if there was a company prepared to build a product that could enable world-class sales coaching, it was Ambition. 

We had three critical elements we believed were necessary:

  • Access to data, specifically on the important KPIs and targets for a rep and team 

  • Predictive insights on historical and future performance

  • And active levers that managers and sales leaders could utilize to change behavior and inspire. 

We needed to build an experience and a workflow that would enable both Fortune 50 and fast growing startups to effectively coach their sales people. 

Today, we’re launching the first major new release to Ambition’s coaching suite. 

I’d love for you to read all about the product launch from my teammate Mary. 

Personally, I’m thrilled. I know the profound impact that effective coaching can have on salespeople. This is another step in Ambition powering more achievement for our customers, and most importantly their people striving to succeed. 

Happy Selling,


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