It’s another sweltering summer here at the Ambition HQ in the Southeast, which means it was easy to convince our data team to stay “in” do some analysis over a free lunch. (who needs fresh air, right?) 

I’m a sucker for pop culture and awesome hype songs, which means I have a fascination with what the top Sales Anthems in the Ambition global community - sometimes referred to as “walk up songs” or back in the day when we were young sellers, PO songs. 

Unfortunately, summer can be slump season for some sales teams. 

There are a lot of distractions: the golf course, the pool, taking the kids on vacation. Even Travis and I have been known to sneak out to the sand volleyball court before. 

The best sales leaders know it takes a tool kit to keep reps focused and energize the sales team with all those distractions. 

* Real-time recognition on sales TVs. (Hmmm)

* Exciting incentives and rewards - (like incredible experiences powered by Blueboard)

* Meaningful contests that create robust, healthy competition

* And my favorite, some fun sales anthems. 

Let’s dive into a few of our favorites this summer: 

Talk - Khalid
My favorite from the most popular list. 

In our world of reps relying on “I’ll just send a couple emails”, “are you busy right now?” and my favorite “did I catch you at a bad times” Khalid came out with the inside sales banger of the summer. 

Prospect: "Hello?"
SDR: “Can we just talk?”

The Cadbury Gorilla / aka In The Air Tonight Drum Solo (Phil Collins)
Certified Sales Anthem Classic. The gorilla nails the solo and his expression just oozes "I am succeeding right now"

He simply has that energy. 

Material Girl - Madonna (Stranger Things Video) 
Stranger Things Season 3 officially made this an "80s summer". 

Is there anything more on message for your team than El be-bopping and shopping to Madonna's sales rep classic?

Money In The Grave - Rick Ross and Drake
When I saw this one, I thought "Oh, another Toronto summer jam". But....
This anthem is an ear catcher. Hard bass hit and then the sales trash talk starts,
"Its big gap between us in the game, 
in the next life I'm tryna' stay paid"

Bonus Points - Street Tacos
Something about that heavy summer heat leaves us craving a little funk. A little nostalgia. These crispy beats have that. Whoever set this as the anthem is feeling a vibe

Truth Hurts - Lizzo
I hope that someone on your team is having a summer like Lizzo. Truth Hurts is fun, catchy, and our favorite anthem for the ladies succeeding this summer. And yeah, shoot your shot with that prospect. Get that deal. 

High Hopes - Panic at the Disco
I'm don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, because this is a really popular anthem, but High Hopes is exactly the jam your basic rep loves. 

Recognizable, catchy, and totally safe for work. You know what, it is really enjoyable though. 


Cold Like My Sequence - Joe Franks and the Wolfpack
You have to hear it to believe it. 



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