It’s no secret that sales incentives are effective. While people who work in sales are (on the whole) a competitive and ambitious bunch, we’ll be the first to admit that sales can be a grind. Some days, we feel like we’re living with a number taped to our heads. So having something valuable to work toward, both individually and as a group, can give us the extra push we need.

But at Ambition, we believe motivation isn’t enough. We want to be inspired. So this quarter, as we aim for our biggest revenue goal in the history of the company, we’re taking our team incentive to new heights (pun intended) and jumping out of a plane together — if and when we hit our number.

And guess what? As far as incentives go, it’s proving to be our best one yet.

For starters: yes, we millennials now have mortgages to pay and kids to care for, but we still live for experiences — like plummeting toward the ground at 125 miles per hour. A check at the end of the quarter is nice, but it comes and goes pretty quickly. As cheesy as it sounds, great experiences become great memories, and those are worth a lot more to our generation than a few hundred bucks.

Then, of course, there’s the team-building aspect. Working toward a common revenue goal can bring you together as a group, but huddling together as you peer out the open door of a plane 13,000 feet in the air? That’s bonding. We’re already seeing this play out: as we set meetings and close deals, our Ambition triggers and anthems have become skydiving-themed YouTube videos and parachute gifs — which keep our team excited and serve as a constant reminder of why we’re hustling so hard.

It’s also worth noting that this experience is for everyone at Ambition — not just one department. So sales feels a healthy sense of pressure to win this incentive for the company. And in turn, the company is rallying around sales, to make them feel extra supported in any way possible.

So: here’s to piloting (can’t stop, won’t stop) new incentive programs and closing out Q4 with a bang. Hopefully, we’ll have some killer photos to share come the New Year. Stay tuned!

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