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Sales Incentive Ideas That Actually Work!

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Don’t Get Stale, Get Creative

We see sales incentives and contests across hundreds of sales teams, and the one question we get asked on repeat -- “What are the best incentives for sales reps?” Running the same president’s club and gift card incentives on repeat gets stale, and it shows in the numbers.

We’ve compiled seven of the most creative incentives we’ve seen our customers run in contests. From billboards to bar crawls, download the ebook on how these seven companies got innovative and used incentives and contests to kick their results into high gear.

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Accelerate Sales Growth

We give sales leaders the tools they need to develop reps into stronger salespeople, so that every person on your team becomes a high performer.


Visualize progress against custom goals (in real time!) to encourage accountability and drive attainment.

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Benchmark short-term activities and long-term objectives, so your team stays focused on metrics that matter.

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Jumpstart spiffs, boost energy, and drive KPIs by aligning in-house or globally dispersed teams on competitions.

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Drive long-lasting change with contests — like our Fantasy Football-style competitions — between reps, teams, territories, and more.

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Initiate actionable, metrics-driven conversations with employees within your Salesforce instance.

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End-to-end, enterprise-grade platform to build, scale, and optimize metric-driven teams to exceed goals.

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