We are thrilled to release our 1:1 Manager-Level Coaching feature! 

Ambition Coaching now lets users set up recurring programs for employees and managers. (Thanks, Dan at Strategic Financial for the feature request)!

In other words, more senior-level VPs and Directors can hold 1:1's with managers, complete with on-the-fly access to relevant, aggregated managerial performance metrics within each 1:1 Check-In.

Coaching End Game: Top-Down Flow of Information

In the visual example below, you'll note that the Metrics section of a manager card now toggles between inidividual metrics (for player-coaches) and managerial metrics (that roll up from the groups they oversee within Ambition).

sales coaching

With Ambition, you can establish top-to-bottom coaching to ensure your organization is internally accountable from the top-down, operates as a team, and moves important insights and feedback up-the-chain as fast as possible.

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