Ambition's Harvard Business Review-endorsed Fantasy Sales Contests now provide visuals of benched reps.

The experts at Harvard Business Review and elsewhere have spoken. Sales contest scope and creativity are proven ROI drivers.

  • Place reps on teams (or draft them).  
  • Create individual scores and weekly schedules.
  • Create a regular season with playoffs.
  • Create a powerful incentive for the Championship Team.
  • Watch sales team morale, engagement, and camaraderie go off like an M-40.

Don't laugh. Ambition's fantasy sales contests are a favorite of numerous clients and include additional features that add to the realism.

Background: Fantasy Sales Competitions

With Ambition, you can organize employees into teams where they can compete week-to-week across a regular season with the top teams entering a playoff. It's a popular aspect of our gamification offering, effectively Fantasy Football for sales people.

Example: Benching.

fantasy sales contests

This new update to Ambition Fantasy is our answer to an NFL injury report. See who's on your gameday roster and who's on your Bench due to vacation, sick days, or some other reason.

How to View Benched Reps in Fantasy Matchups

Benching serves an important purpose during Fantasy Contests: it prevents out-of-office reps from hurting their team's score due to non-existent activity numbers. 

sales SPIF

You can now see these benched players directly within the Fantasy matchup page. (A long time coming we can assure you).

ambition sales contest benching

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Ambition: The Agile Sales Management Platform

Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization).  Fortune 1000 sales organizations like UPS, Aerotek and Wayfair use Ambition to enhance sales KPI clarity and drive their teams using real-time scorecards, dashboards, alerts, contests, and TV leaderboards. 

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