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How to Build Your 2018 Sales Management Strategy

Watch the replay of our year-end webinar with Trish Bertuzzi, Lauren Bailey, Steve Richard, and Jared Houghton.

Let's cut to the chase.

Life as a sales leader is stressful enough. Your go-to-market strategy is critical to your success. You need every advantage you can get. 

sales management strategy

In this webinar, Trish Bertuzzi, Lauren Bailey, Steve Richard, and Jared Houghton answered your specific questions with concrete recommendations.

Watch the full video replay of the webinar below - and check out 10 great points spotlighted by ServiceSource Sales Manager, Danielle Boyce.

Full Video: Building Your Sales Management Strategy 

Watch our all-star panel answer your questions - video replay below.  

Learn how The Salesforce KPI Report.

Highlights: 10 Key Takeaways from Our Experts

1. Start With Where: What Channels Should Drive Revenue?  

2. War For Talent: Recognize the Need for New Hire Training

3. Stop Selling Pens: Make Candidates Reach a Gatekeeper.

4. Use Call Recordings: Let New Hires Hear Voice of the Customer.

5. Network Hiring: Use LinkedIn Connections As Candidate References

6. Selling is Driving: You Don't Learn By Riding Shotgun.

7. Be Human: Personalize Your Communication.  

8. Measuring Reps: Focus on Activity::Outcome Ratio.

9. Create Snipers: Balance Research and Calls.

10. Focus Coaching: Prioritize B-Players + New Hires.

More Sales Management Strategy Resources

Access these additional resources from Trish, Lauren, Steve, and Jared.

Scroll down to see how Ambition can help you crush your 2018 revenue goals.

Ambition - The IT-Free Sales Management Platform

Ambition is an IT-free sales management system backed by Google, Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP. The Ambition platform syncs data from your key systems (Salesforce, Outreach) onto a drag-and-drop UI that empowers managers to create flexible performance visualizations and insights across their entire sales organization. 

Ambition Customer Highlight: Outreach from Ambition on Vimeo.

Sales leaders use Ambition to bring transparency, ownership and insight to sales performance metrics. The platform integrates all key data points from your CRM, phone system, and other major data systems under one roof. 

Real-Time Sales Performance Insights and Analytics

Using drag-and-drop interfaces, sales leaders can build sales performance analytics that suit the specific needs of their sales organization - complete with benchmarks, scores, goal trackers, TVs, leaderboards, competitions, coaching modules, and flexible on-command reporting into activities, objectives, and efficiency metrics.

Sales Performance Dashboard

The ultimate value Ambition provides is efficiency of operations. Ambition gives sales leadership, technology, frontline managers and their teams a system of record. Real-time data updates enable managers to be proactive versus reactive, and show reps the big picture around strategy, processes, performance goals, and incentives. 

Contact us to request your free demo.

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About Ambition
Sales Leaders, HR Professionals, and C-Level Executives use Ambition to recognize, motivate, and develop employees into more engaged and productive versions of themselves. Funded by Google, used by the Fortune 500, endorsed by the Harvard Business Review.

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