Ever had a prospect go quiet on you? Or a deal get stuck?

Here at Ambition, we're well-versed in dealing with those exact scenarios. And over the years, we have called upon a slightly unorthodox strategy for reviving cold opportunites.

smirnoff ice sales prospects

The best way to regain a prospect's attention? Remind them that you're not just another sales robot. Send them a surprise gift: an ice-cold Smirnoff Ice.

Ice Your Cold Sales Opportunities: Smirnoff-as-a-Service

Yes, I'm talking about pulling a trick right out of the 2010 practical joke playbook and sending a Smirnoff Ice to your prospect. like you would a friend back in college.

In the right context - this practice has done wonders. Given our internal success icing cold prospects - so to speak - the Ambition team has decided to bring it to the world for a limited time.


smirnoff as a service

Send Smirnoff Ice to Cold Sales Opportunies: smirnoffasaservice.com

If you're an SDR trying to book a meeting with the perfect person ... If you're an Account Executive trying to close a big deal ... If you're a sales manager looking to recognize a sales rep who's on a hot streak ... give your target the best gift money can buy.

Order your chosen propsect or colleague a Smirnoff Ice. Craft a personalized note. Let Ambition handle the rest.

From now through the end of September, we'll be shipping Smirnoff Ice on behalf of any sales rep who needs help keeping prospects engaged and deals moving forward. Smirnoff-as-a-Service is only available for a limited time. Act now and send your prospects the ultimate attention-grabber of 2017.

smirnoff as a service

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