Let's be real here folks.

Its easy to go with the flow at this point. You're not on pace; Ok start adjusting the forecasts. The team isn't going to hit their goals; Its alright guys, always next year. New reps aren't ramping fast enough; Ok, we'll add a new trainer. No. No. No

Build momentum and close 2017 strong with Ambition.

Align team goals, challenge reps, and run programs to more effectively manage your team - all with Ambition inside of Salesforce

You have two quarters. What are you waiting for?

As our friend Khaled says: “they don’t want you to ride a jetski, they don’t want you to crush the annual target!”

(sort of)

There’s a trap sales leaders fall into around mid-year. Up, down, on target - where ever they are, they start feeling locked in. “Ok, well what I’ve got forecast is what I’ve got. I’ve just to focus on rebooting next Q1”. 

That’s crazy.

Culture is accretive. Proactive management is accretive. 

Being an agile sales leader today starts paying dividends tomorrow

Recognizing any type of win has impact on culture. 

Getting your new hires on track from day one with clear scorecards and automated goal tracking will create consistency. 

I hear it all the time, “look, I know we’ve got to [insert your favorite: fix our culture / be better about metrics/ focus on the process / build more accountability] - BUT - I’ve just got to get through this year”

Reality check: not only will you have less leverage to change the outcome in Q3 and Q4, but you are going to kick off January behind the 8-ball. 

Haven’t you ever hear to start the diet before New Years Eve? You can’t just make it happen day 1. 

So listen to DJ. They don’t want you to live your best life. But here at Ambition, we do. We believe in you. 

That’s why we’re building the world’s greatest Sales Management Platform for you. And your reps. And their families. 

And your future jet-skis. 

happy selling, 


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