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Everyone Has a Plan Until... Win Your 2nd Half

June 27, 2017 · Brian Trautschold · 3 Minute Read

Everyone Has a Plan Until…

You Missed the Quarter. The Reps Aren’t Ramping fast Enough. Missing Goals is Bringing Down the Team and Crushing the Culture. 

"Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth", Mike Tyson

Let’s face it - if you’re like the average sales org, almost half (46%!!!) of your reps are on pace to miss quota right now.

And what that means… your number is in jeopardy.

The modern Sales Leader is like a head college football coach - drawing up the plays, wearing the headset on the sidelines, recruiting the players, coaching up their skills - oh and keeping score of the game and their individual performances.

And in addition to all those roles, the challenge of managing predominantly millennials doesn’t make it any easier.

Three Halftime Speeches to Rally the Sales Troops

At Ambition, every day we have the opportunity to step up to the challenge to work with top notch sales leaders who need to inspire performance and maximize their millennial sales teams. 

We know your job is hard enough - which is why we’re building the ultimate sales management platform - so we compiled some phenomenal adrenaline inducing sales fuel to power your team’s next half performance.

You’ve got two quarters to change the score…Let’s. Go. 

Speech #1. Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday: Life is a Game of Inches

Speech #2. Herb Brooks, Miracle: This is your time

Speech #3. Gene Hackman, Replacements: Quicksand

Bonus: Ari Gold: Career Advice for Turtle

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