Can a Sales Development Representative go from new SDR to YouTube hit to SDR Manager in 12 months flat? Watch this video from Aligned 2017

For all the lip service that’s been paid to alignment, many companies are reticent to pull back the curtain and reveal the internal strategies that have driven their success. That changed last month thanks to Aligned - a virtual, video-based event that caught the attention of major publications like IncHuffington PostHubSpot and the one-and-only Gary Vaynerchuk.

Ambition and our co-hosts sought out 50 elite B2B sales and marketing executives steering the ship for high-growth companies and willing to tell their stories of alignment. In this presentation, Terminus Sales Development Manager Morgan Ingram reveals why creativity and fearlessness are the guiding principles for his sales development reps.  

Sales Development Strategy: Be Fearless and Creative 

How Terminus Aligns Sales Development with Marketing from Ambition

More Stories of B2B Sales-Marketing Alignment

Watch all 50 video presentations from Aligned 2017 at the event portal.  

Featured guests include:

  • HubSpot VP Marketing Jon Dick & Director of Sales Michael Pici
  • InsideView CMO Tracy Eiler & VP Enterprise Business Andrea Austin
  • Sales Hacker Founder Max Altschuler
  • ChowNow VP Sales Drew Woodcock
  • TOPO Chief Analyst Craig Rosenberg
  • Kenco Sr. Manager of Analytics & Solution Design Andrew Lockwood
  • Plus keynotes from Gary Vaynerchuk, Jill Konrath and more

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