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In practice and philosophy, sales management is adopting agile methodologies left and right. 

Agile Sales Management

Agile sales management creates accountability by aligning effort throughout the sales organization. In a modern sales org, leaders must reinforce that the efforts and targets of any given team have profound effect on the outcomes of their peers.

Agile Sales Management: Culture & Sustainability

In sales, there’s a direct link between elite sales culture and results. Agile sales management empowers sales leaders to unify culture and process.

Millennials are now the largest workforce demographic. Inside sales coupled with segmented, targeted teams is now the top go-to market strategy. The War for Talent adds a premium to development of sales talent and retention.  

How does agile sales management help? By applying core directives from The Progress Principle across the entire front office. According to The Progress Principle:

  1. High-performing teams share 6 times more positive feedback than others.
  2. 28% of small wins trigger powerful emotional responses in employees.
  3. Sense of progress is the top employee motivator – more than pay and recognition.

Ultimately, agile sales management works because it gives top executives leverage to multiply culture. Inspiring performance is not a once-a-month pump up speech or an incentive blitz - it is an ongoing, proactive series of goals, challenges, and check-points that keeps all stakeholders engaged.

Agile Sales Management: Best Practices

The following is a short-list of best-practices for agile sales management. 

  1. Inspire more than Motivate
  2. Recognize progress
  3. Praise the impact of small wins
  4. Flatten your silo’s 

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agile sales management

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