We hate to be those guy describing a new product as "____" for "____" -- but here we are. There's just no better way to introduce Weave, a phone app that lets you "Match" with other professionals in your area and foster on-the-go networking. Ambition's Jeremy Boudinet gives you the inside scoop.

I have to say it: This is Tinder for Sales. 

The emerging company, which is just completing a stint with Y Combinator, is the brainchild of Decide.com founder Brian Ma, who created the product after becoming frustrated with traditional networking efforts. A successful entrepreneur-turned-investor, Ma saw an issue with how typical networking at major events like Dreamforce goes.

Tired of getting embroiled in long conversations that go nowhere, random introductions that time and again proved fruitless, and so forth, Ma and fellow co-founder Elpizo Choi set out to create Weave as a recourse.

As a professional networking "matching" tool, Weave has tremendous utility in everyday usage. But where the power of the App truly reaches a new level is during tradeshows and nextworking events, which is why it is perfect for conferences like Dreamforce. Let's take a look at what makes Weave the premiere networking solution and a must-download for Dreamforce attendees.

Weaving at Dreamforce

At networking events, your time is precious. Whether you're a Sales Executive, Marketing Professional, Company Co-Founder, or Venture Capitalist, you need to optimize your time at Dreamforce.

Over a hundred thousand people attend the Conference each year, thousands of vendors exhibit, and there is a seemingly infinite number of events to attend. The result: vast opportunities for making valuable connections, but also a vast pool of people irrelevant to your needs. What Weave enables its users to do distinguish the great connections for marketing-sales, human resources, and investment purposes is a pivotal advantage.

Weave works by letting you scroll through LinkedIn profiles and see who is in your city, or even neighborhood. If the person is someone you would like to meet, you can select "Meet" or simply swipe right, and if that person selects likewise when they come across your profile, you have a Match.

For anyone exhibiting a product, the value here is truly incredible. As a recent study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research noted, "The top 3 sales-related objectives at trade shows are related to relationship management and engagement.  Above all else, exhibitors want to meet with existing customers, key customers, and prospective customers." 

For on-the-go networking at such events, Weave is the perfect solution. 

How Weave Works

Weave takes the data from your LinkedIn account, and turns it into a portable profile on your Weave app. You can customize the language to define who you're looking to meet at Dreamforce or whatever particular conference you may be attending. 

For a quick look at the product in action, let's first observe a sample Profile Page. And I can start searching for people in my vicinity by setting my Search Parameters:



Cool Feature: If I want, I can tailor the search to focus on people that suit my particular purpose at Dreamforce.


Once you get a Match on Weave, three things happen. 

1. You are notified of the Match. 

2. Weave tells you several important commonalities that you share.

3. You can immediately begin chatting with that person inside the App and set up a meeting for lunch, coffee, etc. And it's that simple.


Weave: The Future of Professional Networking

Weave is a transformative tool for on-the-fly networking. Empowering users to perform targeted searches of the people relevant to them, via phone, and as they traverse the mass of humanity at Dreamforce, this is the most powerful potential nextworking device at the disposal of the conference's attendees.

Weave will be the basis of a multitude of important connections and engagements at Dreamforce. It has the potential to do likewise for your sales team, as well. Download it today and check it out.

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