Accelerate and Recognize More Meaningful Sales Engagement

Track sales activities, score performance, and incentivize the right behaviors by integrating call data from Conquer with Ambition via our out-of-the-box Salesforce integration.

Coach with Real-Time Performance Insights

Dynamic Conquer data tracked in Salesforce automatically populates in Ambition to show you who’s pacing to goal, who’s falling behind, and who’s activities aren’t yielding results. Set issue detection alerts to privately notify you when someone’s off track, so you can step in and coach in exactly the right ways.

Integrate Ambition with Conquer

Score Rep Activity and Recognize Achievements

Automatically track key metrics from Conquer in an Ambition scorecard to keep your reps focused on the activities that drive results. Scorecard visualization will motivate them to complete and log sales activities, ultimately driving higher productivity and more frequent goal attainment. Set celebration alerts to fire when someone hits their activity score to recognize and promote good behavior across your organization.

Integrate Ambition with Conquer