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Integrating sales data from Cisco call reporting with Ambition

If your sales team uses Cisco to power your sales dials, you can easily integrate all of that data into Ambition to score, gamify, coach and power alerts for your sales team. Turning raw data and sales activity into metrics that can be scored helps your team increase productivity and improve conversion performance. Through integrating your full funnel tool stack into Ambition, you can track everything from dials to pipeline.  

To make integrating your Cisco call reporting data easier, Ambition offers a pre-configured template that is capable of parsing your Cisco CDR or Cisco call reporting data into the following metrics:

  • Outbound: Outgoing Calls, Outgoing Call Length, Average Outgoing Call Length
  • Inbound: Incoming Calls, Incoming Call Length, Average Incoming Call Length

If you choose to send more data to Ambition, you can do so by custom configuring the integration and foregoing the template. Your team can utilize the built-in Cisco CDR Manager or create a custom solution to transmit data on an automated basis.

Gamifying your Cisco call reporting metrics

When you integrate your call reporting metrics from Cisco into Ambition, you can score the activities with Ambition scorecards. Dials and connects can be benchmarked and weighted. Leverage daily dial leaderboards with call reporting data feeding updates and broadcasting leaders in real time. 

Coach your sales reps to improve call reporting metrics

When you integrate Cisco call reporting data into Ambition, you can immediately identify your middle performers who will gain the most from your coaching efforts. Use productivity quadrants to view who is converting thei inbound and outbound call activitiy into desired objectives. Use Ambition's coaching programs to tie different call data objectives like "talk-time" to measure the impact of how coaching improves this over time. 

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