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Integrate Chorus conversation intelligence into Ambition to gamify your CI data

Chorus is a common conversation intelligence tool that sales teams use to record calls and improve sales conversations. By integrating Chorus with Ambition, sales leaders have the capability to motivate and recognize teams for metrics hit, view Chorus data right inside a more comprehensive 1:1 check-in tool, run leaderboards for call metrics, compete on conversion of connects to SDR pipeline and more. 

Some examples for how teams use Ambition + Chorus

  • Run a call blitz competing on number of connects
  • Surface talk-time leaderboards to recognize top performers
  • Integrate Chorus dashboard into Ambition to see chorus metrics inline with full funnel sales metrics 
  • Attach chorus recordings to 1:1 check-ins keeping coaching commentary, action plans, and call reviews in one place


See how Outreach integrates Ambition + Chorus for an effective sales management strategy

Download the case study here to see how Outreach uses Ambiton and Chorus to coach and gamify the SDR roll in their organization.