The Ambition Customer Summit was a smashing success, and we're so appreciative of all the customers, friends and partners who graciously shared their insights and expertise, all in the name of sales. If you want to catch up on the buzz, scroll down for posts, pics and tweets from the big day!



I am so fired up I could run through a wall.

...even after a full day #ambitioncs2019 conference > cider-party > rooftop party > karaoke party > 6am wakeup

So many smart @AmbitionSales customers traveled to Nashville to help each other succeed.

— Michael Cavopol (@cavopol) October 24, 2019

Catie!! It’s so great seeing you and you are CRUSHING your panel. “As a sales leader, you can always find mistakes they made, questions they missed, etc.”

— Sahil Mansuri (@SVMansuri) October 23, 2019

Is this #AmbitionCS2019 or The Price is Right? Hard to say...🤔 Bob Barker — er, @AshbyTravis of @blueboard is schooling us on experiential incentives.

— Ambition (@AmbitionSales) October 23, 2019

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