A profession in sales and a fear of failure don't go together.

Whether you're a brand-new SDR or a seasoned VP, sales is a series of failures and successes, ups and downs, hard-learned lessons and coachable moments. It's...a roller coaster, to say the least. (And yes, I'm speaking from experience.)

A lot of salespeople have no trouble sharing their wins with the world: the brilliant email, the compelling pitch, the punchline that sealed the deal. And those are great stories to hear. 

But let's get real: we all screw up, and those screw-ups often make for pretty entertaining stories. So we decided to share them with the world by asking sales leaders:

  • What was your biggest, funniest, or cringe-worthiest sales fail?
  • And more importantly, what did you take away from it? 

So if you're coming off an awkward call or rebounding from a meeting that went downhill, fast — take heart: it happens to the best of us, so learn from, laugh at it, and keep moving. (Oh, and watch this video.)

Sales Fail #1: Featuring Jason Provonsha, CEO, Steam Logistics

In this episode, Jason shares his biggest "sales fail" — a meeting gone very wrong — and how he turned it into a coachable moment.


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