We’re lucky over here at Ambition to have some of the smartest sellers and leaders in the game as customers. 

I recently had a chance to catch up with Jillian Covell, one of those sales leaders, who runs the SDR team at Bloomreach (they offer an incredible CMS and ecommerce platform, if you are looking).

Here’s four minutes of her talking through how she uses coaching and contests to keep her remote SDR team aligned and motivated, every day. 


1. Align your team, and know where to focus the conversation. Jillian does this by asking team members to prepare for their 1:1s in advance -- she sends notifications through Ambition Coach out the day before the 1:1 and knows their conversation will be thoughtful and meaningful. Although they do spend some time talking about personal topics, it’s not fluff.

  • Pro tip: Jillian offers up the three specific questions she asks ahead of every 1:1 to make sure she’s discussing the most relevant topics to each SDR on her team.

2. Mid-day, Jillian checks in on activity scores. She uses this as an opportunity to proactively celebrate the invisible wins that are often hidden in the SDR daily grind, and also to identify any stragglers and get them on the right path before the day is over. No bad days on her team!

3. On Monday mornings, Jillian asks team members to set personal, weekly goals. Once those goals are achieved, they are sent an accolade and reward. She relies on this motivation to keep her SDRs focused on the right activities for the week.

4. Once a week, Jillian checks in on progress against monthly competitions. She uses these competitions as a way to drive up productivity and encourage sellers that might be having a tough time keeping up. She also says that the bonding of these team-based competitions, even/especially while remote, makes a huge difference.

  • Pro tip: You’ll want to hear how she selects team captains! So smart.

Thank you, Jillian! 

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