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Introducing Coaching with Ambition


Introducing Coaching with Ambition

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Introducing Coaching with Ambition

We hear it from our customers on repeat: I don’t have time to plan and hold effective 1:1 sessions. I wish I could keep up with discussion and action items from my coaching sessions. I don’t know how to hold reps accountable for action items from our sessions together.

“Sales coaching is the number one activity driving sales rep performance and engagement.” - OpenView 2018 Trends

Enter Ambition’s coaching platform, designed to help sales leaders drive actionable, metrics-driven conversations with reps within your Salesforce instance, resulting in stronger relationships, increased productivity, and better performance.

Coaching with Ambition allows sales leaders to:

  • Customize by rep or role with 1:1 programs 
  • Track progress using KPI reporting
  • Stay accountable with action plans
  • Provide transparency with session rating
  • Drive adoption with completion tracking

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Sales Leaders, HR Professionals, and C-Level Executives use Ambition to recognize, motivate, and develop employees into more engaged and productive versions of themselves. Funded by Google, used by the Fortune 500, endorsed by the Harvard Business Review.