2023 is the Year of the Sales Development Rep.

Sales organizations who know how to deploy their sales development reps (SDRs) to proper effect will gain a huge advantage over their competitors in this time of economic uncertainty.

One of the best ways to ensure your SDRs gain an advantage over your competitors is to equip them with the best sales enablement tools available.

From lead sourcing and enrichment to call coaching and analytics to email automation and scorecards, these 9 tools will give your sales reps everything they need to crush their goals. 

9 Sales Enablement Tools Your SDRs Will Love

Looking to make 2023 the year your SDRs level up their skills?

These 9 tools are guaranteed to push your sales reps to become the best versions of themselves. 


Your SDRs need consistent accountability, coaching, and motivation.

They perform a thankless job that includes a lot of hearing the word “no,” high volumes of activity, and fleeting moments of glory.

Ambition gives them the visibility, accountability, goals, and recognition they need to keep humming through a long day of cold outreach.


Cold calling is hard enough without the right tools to assist you. Don’t let your sales team get caught without the proper VoIP phone system to do it.

Dialpad lets your sales team crank out cold calls faster than you can say “BANT.” The platform also integrates with Salesforce and other major CRMs so that all your rep’s activity is tracked.

A friend to cold callers everywhere, Dialpad is the ultimate in cold calling software for your reps. Get them locked and loaded on it.


Are your SDRs any good at cold calling? How can you know? 

A little tool called Gong can help you coach your reps up from “C” players to “A” players in no time flat.

We love Gong’s ability to track what talk tracks work on opening calls, assess performance, and show what’s happening on your reps’ cold calls. Your SDRs will thank you for making their lives easier.


Do your SDRs have the templates they need to crush out cold emails and cold calls?

Highspot specializes in providing your SDRs with easy, direct ways to access content and templates needed to perform outreach to your ideal targets.

We believe that a powerful sales enablement solution that organizes your content for your reps is a must have in this day of digital selling. Get Highspot for your SDRs today and watch them take their skills up a notch.


Lavender is on a mission to make cold email suck less and has been called “the Gong of email” by no less than Scott Leese.

We’re huge fans of Lavender’s email performance tracking, cold email grading, personalization suggestions, and ChatGPT capabilities.

A must have if your SDRs are going to be doing cold email outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is still the ultimate social network for your SDRs (not TikTok, contrary to what some of them might think).

Sales Navigator is still a must have for SDRs in 2023. Use it wisely to map out accounts, find the right decision makers for your solution, and engage with your buyers.


The new kids on the block of lead sourcing and enrichment, Lusha is a simple-to-use plug-in that lets your reps find the contact information for your buyers. 

It also integrates with your CRM to enrich contact information right inside of Salesforce, Hubspot, and others, preventing data decay and allowing your reps to quickly and easily find new targets for outreach.


Outreach is still the leader in sales engagement and one of the greatest allies for SDRs everywhere.

Outreach enables you to arm your SDRs with the playbooks and sequences they need to engage their decision makers efficiently. 

This means never having to guess how to follow up, always knowing your tasks for the day, and understanding the best ways to get your buyers on the line.


How do you plan to onboard new SDRs in 2023? In this age of economic uncertainty, you need reps to ramp up as fast as possible, as effectively as possible, and as consistently as possible.

Our partners at Seismic are the perfect solution for sales leaders looking to get their SDRs up and running quickly with onboarding and training materials.

Use them to make your new SDR hires get to 100% ramp quickly.

Master Sales Enablement with Ambition

Here at Ambition, we help the best sales organizations on the planet maintain the focus and visibility they need to hit their goals.

Half the companies on this list are proud Ambition customers. Take a look at our case study with Highspot to learn how we empower SDRs to perform their best work.

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