Sales enablement is more crucial than ever as we enter 2023.

The proliferation of sales tools, the rise of the 100% digital seller in the world of remote work, and the emergence of disruptive technologies like ChatGPT are transforming the way we sell and the opportunities available to sellers in 2023.

The world of sales enablement is changing rapidly. And we here at Ambition are chronicling the evolution in this article highlighting top 23 sales enablement articles every sales leader should read in 2023.

The Top 23 Sales Enablement Articles for 2023

Ready to empower your sales team to do their best work in 2023?

The following articles give you everything you need to build a world-class sales enablement program in your sales organization in 2023.

They cover everything from selecting tools to onboarding new reps to setting KPIs to powering coaching.

Put a pot of coffee on, grab your notebook, and get ready. These are the top 23 sales enablement articles for 2023. 

12 Ways to Measure Sales Enablement Success | Sales Assembly
Sales enablement is all about leveling up your sales team’s effectiveness. So how do you measure the delta in effectiveness? Sales Assembly shares 12 great KPIs to track how your sales team is improving in performance with the help of quality sales enablement.

15 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Crush 2022 | SaaStr
Jason Lemkin’s lengthy debrief on the ways to help your sales team dominate in 2022 has not aged a bit heading into 2023. All of these tips are equally relevant in the new year and they start with getting a dedicated sales operations / enablement leader to keep your sales team focused on selling.

260 Sales Terms from A-Z: The Updated Glossary of B2B Sales Definitions | Sales Hacker
The first of many Sales Hacker articles to appear on this list. Sales terminology is continuously evolving in surprising new ways - this article will help your sales team stay up to date with the new jargon, lingo, and acronyms pervading the profession. Although tellingly, the first term (“ABC”) is as old as time. 

30 Sales Contest Ideas and Incentives to Motivate Your Sales Floor | Nextiva
We know a thing or two about sales contests here at Ambition and this article from Nextiva (featuring many Ambition cameos) is the best treatise on the subject you’ll read in a hot minute. Peep the ideas and use them appropriately.

30+ Tools for Every Sales Stack in 2023 | Close
Some sales tool lists are overwhelming, including upwards of a 100 tools so as to disorient. Not this list from Close. It is concise and has a great selection of only the highest quality tools (Ambition included) that your sales force needs to be using in 2023.

All You Need To Know About Sales Incentive Programs In 2023 | Vantage Circle
We’ll keep it brief on this one. You can always use great, outside-the-box sales incentive examples. This article is full of them. Give it a look.

Best 150 Sales Tools: The Complete List for 2023 (Updated) | Sales Hacker
Sales Hacker has been publishing this list for years and it remains a worthwhile addition to your reading, if only to see what new and exciting tools have entered the sales tool universe.

The Complete Sales Rep Onboarding Checklist | Map My Customers
We love a good sales onboarding checklist and this one from Map My Customers has a comprehensive feel to it. If your sales onboarding needs work, this article has what you need to plug the gaps.

Demystifying Sales Enablement: What It Is, Why it Matters, How to Do It Right | Sales Hacker
We love the 5 step breakdown to an effective sales enablement process in this article. Author Roderick Jefferson boils sales enablement down to its simplest elements and makes it easy to understand even for novices.

Developing a Sales Enablement Strategy | Guru
The fine folks at Guru eat, sleep, and breathe sales enablement for a living. We’re super partial to this excerpt from their Sales Enablement Guide eBook. The sample Sales Enablement Charter in this article is excellent as well.

How to Build a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy | Gong
Gong does an excellent job mapping the relationship between ICP, customer journey, sales process, sales collateral, and sales coaching in this deep dive into sales enablement on their blog. A worthy read.

How to Create Sales Decks that Work in 2023 | Sales Hacker
We heard a great quote recently that a “great deck won’t win you deals but a bad deck will lose you deals.” Ensure that your sales team is equipped with an effective sales deck, your most important piece of sales collateral, in this synopsis from Sales Hacker.

How to Establish A Strong Sales Enablement Framework To Close More Deals | Dooly
In short, this is a great deep dive from Dooly on how to use sales enablement to align sales and marketing.

How to Scale Your Sales Team Quickly | Harvard Business Review
This article from HBR has some cool insights on the impact of a great sales enablement process from the inside of Hootsuite, one of the most successful Canadian tech startups of all-time. A unique perspective on the purpose and benefits of sales enablement.

In Search of the Perfect Sales Technology: What’s Working Today | Sales Hacker
Wherein some of today’s top sales organizations (beginning with us, Ambition) pull back the kimono and reveal our sales stacks to the world. If you’re in need of some inspiration for what your sales enablement technology could look like, this article is your dream.

Revenue Operations Guide: How to Align Your Revenue Teams | Dock
Revenue operations is the hot new term in sales enablement (even if it is just a variation on the age old sales operations terminology) but Dock does a great job of going beyond the buzzword and drilling deep into the purpose and objectives of rev ops.

The Sales Enablement Gurus We’re Thankful to Follow into 2023 | Second Nature
This list of gurus is Ambition approved and we credit Second Nature for having great taste in sales enablement leaders and taking the time to build this list and explain their value.

Sales Operations 101: Examples, Metrics, Roles and More | Close
Sales Operations is such a critical part of sales enablement. You need a builder who is also a mad scientist and also a data geek who can handle the pressure of big revenue goals and dealing with stressed out sales reps on the regular. Close explains the benefits of having such a person in your team.

The Sales Playbook of Successful B2B Sales Teams | Harvard Business Review
In which four Bain analysts conduct a survey where they find “winning companies were 2.7 times more likely to outperform” other sales organizations on 5 key sales enablement factors. Take a look and find out what they are. 

Slack Workflows to Drive Sales Rep Productivity | Guru
Does your sales team use Slack? Yes? Then this Guru article is a must-read with unique ways you can enable your sales force using the tool (hint: Ambition is one of them).

Top Must-Have KPIs of Sales Enablement | Seismic
A great list of additional sales enablement KPIs to use to measure your team. Give it a look and see what metrics you can start measuring.

What is Sales Enablement: The Definitive Guide for 2022 | Highspot
Rich with graphs and visualizations, Highspot’s definitive sales enablement guide offers a valuable resource for sales enablement leaders. From process to tools, this article has it all. We’re especially fond of the RACI framework for establishing stakeholders.

What is Sales Enablement | Hubspot
Need a shorter introduction to sales enablement than Highspot’s blown out epic? Hubspot distills the practice down to its essence in this quick overview covering content, automation, reporting, and more.

The Best Guides to Sales Enablement in 2023

There you have it - the very best sales enablement articles for 2023.

We hope these articles help you elevate your sales enablement functions across the board this year.

Now is the time to make sales enablement a great differentiator for your sales force. 

Invest the time and resources needed to make it a point of excellence and watch your sales ramp up time, retention, close rates, average time to close, and additional key metrics improve dramatically.

Download our Essential Guide to Revenue Enablement here.


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