Ladies and gentlemen … it’s good to be back.

It’s the second half of Q4. What better time for the legend of the Ambition Blog, the Apex Predator, to return to my old stomping grounds with some timely motivation and inspiration for you young, hungry sales wolves out there.

We’re kicking off my illustrious return with a bang—courtesy of Champagne Papi and his brand new album: Her Loss.

Buckle up, boys and girls. Because it’s time for you to meet the ultimate 11 Drake Anthems to soundtrack your day as a sales professional.

11 Drake Anthems Sales Pros Should Live By

For the last decade, there have been 3 certainties in life. 
Death, taxes, and a new Drake album full of bangers scorching up the charts and soundtracking the lives of millions of sales professionals around the globe.

If you care about things besides a) money and b) the city where you’re from, this blog post is not for you.

If you’re in the sales profession to “make the world a better place,” this blog post is not for you.

If you’re prefer being on some chill shit, this blog post is not for you.

The rest of you, put some headphones on and let’s take a trip through the ultimate sales bangers in the catalog of the 6 God himself.

1) I’m On One

You just hit quota to close out the month. A massive commission check awaits you. You go out with the rest of the sales team and start hitting the bars. One beer goes down. Then another. You’re high-fiving your colleagues as you trade war stories about overcoming objections and the idiots in marketing. A round of shots comes out. Then another. You hit a 2nd bar. Now it’s midnight and you and your team are at the club, delirious with booze and the invincible feeling of being a quota crushing machine. “I’m On One” hits and the crew loses it. “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from” you all drunkenly scream in unison, right before you vomit all over your shoes and your SDR has to call you a Lyft. 

This song is the national anthem of the modern sales professional. You cannot convince me otherwise.

2) Trophies

Just an outrageous amount of sales-worthy bravado on this track. Over an absurd remix of a 1994 Western film score, Drake informs you that he does not stay at mid hotels and that he’s not a fan of renting, but prefers to own.


The dynamic gets even more interesting on the chorus, where we hear Drake as his most humble and relatable. “I’m just tryna stay alive and take care of my people.” He shrugs. There’s no award for that. Unless you count President’s Club.

3) HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)

I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’m picturing a one-on-one where a frustrated sales manager keeps asking his rep a bunch of questions.

“Do you love this company?”

“Are you high off vaping right now?”

“Do you ever want to reach through your computer and punch a prospect?”

“Are you working with a recruiter to find a higher paying gig right now?”

“Do you make fun of me with the other reps behind my back?”

“Are you sandbagging hard AF on your pipeline right now?”

“Did you spend 80% of your last commission check on an ill-advised college football parlay?”


And the rep is just nodding and repeating “Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah, f*cking right, f*cking right, alright” to every question. 

I wish more one-on-ones went this way. I’d give my job to a rep that did this to me. They’d have earned it.

4) Nice for What

Drake’s female empowerment anthem is for every female sales rep that has been held to a double standard because of their gender.


Shouts out to every sales rep who also has purchased a “Baby Benz” early in their sales career, after a first taste of real money. The C-Class Benz is the entry level Benz for every sales professional looking to flaunt their wealth early and often in their career.

5) Back to Back

Congratulations, you just hit quota for the 2nd month in a row. Your chi is high. Your bank account is trending the right way. And you’re remembering that dumbass sales manager who said you “shouldn’t have a Zyn in while you’re on the phones” and who called you out for being ungodly hungover (you were) three Fridays in a row.


It’s time for revenge. Do you take a picture of your commission check and send it to your boy? Do you screenshot your Ambition sales leaderboard with you at the top for the 2nd straight month? Do you take a selfie with 8 Zyns while your schmoozing your next prospect?

All great ideas. All Drake approved ideas. On “Back to Back,” he helped us understand that being rich and successful is great. But ending the career of your sworn enemy is even better. Do what you must.

6) Big Rings

Like Drake, you’ve got a really big team (of bookies you owe money to). They need some really big rings (equal to or exceeding $7K, which is what you’re down on the season thus far).


You may not chase the opposite sex, but you damn sure are chasing leads. Because a fat commission check is the fastest way out of that financial hole you’re in.What a time to be alive indeed. 

7) Hotline Bling

Nothing beats the sweet, sweet sound of a prospect calling or texting you back to let you know they are signing the deal. Drake understands this.


The cell phone is now the greatest weapon of savvy sales reps. I hand out my cell number to two types of people on the reg: cute girls at the gym and prospects I actually think have a high percentage of closing.

I don’t care if it’s 3am and I’m at the club. If a prospect on the verge of closing hits me up on my cellphone, I’m answering.

8) 0 to 100 / The Catch Up

No profession on earth knows the meaning of going 0 to 100 like sales pros. Every freaking month (or quarter, if you’re lucky) it’s the same story. Start at zero. Get to 100 percent of quota.

Allow me to do an Apex Predator remix of a few lines from this Drake classic.

“Waiting on leads from marketing, I thought it’d make me richer. Wasn’t paying me enough, I needed something quicker. So now I’m all in the sales bullpen putting work in on the phones. Either that or drive to the prospects to close in person.”

Every real sales professional knows what I’m talking about there. Shouts out to the grown men and women putting the work in every day to go zero to one hundred.

9) 10 Bands

What a beautiful song. This is like Mozart for sales professionals. Drake is as fluent in the language of the average sales pro as they come.

You really thought there was a chance a song whose chorus goes, “10 bands, 50 bands, 100 bands” wasn’t making this list? You’re tripping.

The only part of the song sales reps might not relate to? When Drake admits he doesn’t know how much he’s about to make off a deal. Rest assured that every sales rep in America has been doing calculations prior to a deal closing about what their commission check might look like.

10) Knife Talk

“I gotta feed the streets.” Sound like a sales pro? ✔️

“Sometimes you gotta cheat to stay ahead.” Sound like a sales pro? ✔️(sandbagging on pipeline)

“Flip so much bread, I’m a gymnast.” Sound like a sales pro? ✔️ (3 Negronis deep at happy hour) 

“Made so much money off of dummies.” Sound like a sales pro? ✔️ (6 Negronis deep, slurring their words at the after party)

If you don’t feel your soul come alive upon hearing Project Pat’s opening verse on this track, you’re in the wrong profession. And probably a much better person than me. Go open up an orphanage somewhere and leave the deal closing to sales killers who resonate with Pat, 21 Savage, and Drake on this classic.

11) Started from the Bottom

An underrated part of the sales profession - if you’re in this shit, it’s probably because you were broke AF at one point and needed to make some money. That’s the story of how 99 percent of sales professionals become sales professionals. You were literally starting from the bottom.


Some of y’all reading this might be lowly SDRs. 22 years old. Fresh out of college. Yet to make any real money. But you’re grinding. I was like you once. Lowly. Hungry. But look at me now. I write about Drake for fun on the Ambition Blog because I can.

Stay hungry.

Oh and one last thing

Drake is 1000x better than Taylor Swift.

Facts are facts. Don’t shoot the messenger.

See y’all next time on the Ambition Blog.

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