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9 Women Rising in Revenue


9 Women Rising in Revenue

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9 Women Rising in Revenue

According to Lauren Bailey, CEO and Founder of Factor 8, one of the top ways to be greater in 2023 is for our industry to pave a new path and bring more diversity to sales. 

Recent data shows that only 29.5% of all sales people are women, while 70.5% are men. Women in sales: are you one of three girls that show up at your company’s SKO? If so, DON’T underestimate your influence. 

“When women rise in revenue they bring more with them,” Lauren said during her keynote speech at PEAK Sales Summit. 

To honor Lauren’s call, we’re highlighting 9 incredible women who are rising in revenue (and currently attending PEAK Sales Summit) right now.

  1. Maggie Warszycki, Director of Sales at Skai
  2. Dee Garvy, Sales Enablement Specialist at Amarok
  3. Phoebe Bouleh, Senior Cybersecurity Solutions Advisor at Auditboard
  4. Michaela Grubb, Data Analyst at Cisco
  5. Hana Elliott, VP of Revenue at Vendition
  6. Deborah Sanderfur, Manager, Sales Enablement at Articulate
  7. Monica Mariño, Head of Segment Enterprise and LATAM Sales Development at Twilio
  8. Amanda Bagley, Senior AE Manager at Chili Piper
  9. April Terry, Global Program Manager, Go To Market Enablement at Hubspot
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