It's that time of year again, folks! No, I'm not talking about college football or new seasonal drinks at Starbucks (at least not in this post).

It's live event season! After a long hiatus, Ambition is ready to welcome our customers, friends, and fans back to our home turf and we don't want you to miss out. 

However, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to where you get your latest revenue insights and inspiration these days, so I whipped a little list of reasons why you should consider PEAK Sales Summit by Ambition. Here we go!

Picture of our headline speakers


PEAK Sales Summit is a FREE 1-day conference designed for any current sales leader looking to maximize their knowledge of revenue performance tactics and tools. Our extended network of customers, friends, and industry peers are innovative, high-growth sales professionals, and we are excited to host them in our hometown of Nashville, TN.

The full day and evening (Thursday, 10/20/2022) is dedicated to inspirational-yet-practical knowledge sharing with thought leaders like John Barrows, Keenan, and Becc Holland and unparalleled networking with practitioners from brands like Zoom, ADP, Cisco, T-Mobile and Ambition staff. 

Please note, the full day and evening is tailored to current or future sales leaders. We don’t advise sending individual reps, SDRs, BDRs or casual users of the Ambition platform as the content will not be as relevant to them and space is limited.


1. You'll rub shoulders with the best sales leaders in the biz.

Simply put, The people in this room will solve tomorrow’s sales challenges today. From the incredibly complex Fortune 100 to the mid-size commercial company with 20 sellers, we are bringing together real leaders from companies that share common goals. So, if nothing else, come for the unparalleled networking. You won’t regret it!

2. You won’t get this much value from any other conference.

Did you see that PEAK Sales Summit is FREE? Have we lost our ever-loving minds?!! Maybe, but that’s besides the point. We just want to bring together the best people, we know you have a lot of options, and we don’t want to toss an exorbitant ticket cost in the mix to deter you from living your best life with us on 10/20. I mean, c’mon, with speakers like John Barrows, Lauren Bailey, Becc Holland, James Buckley, Keenan, and Larry Long Jr you’ll leave inspired (and possibly with sore abs from laughing your face off).

3. The time is oh-so-right and the content is top-notch.

There’s a reason that events are abundant in the fall across the board. It’s no accident. Fall is the time to start thinking about 2023. You’re planning budgets and really considering how you’re going to finish out the year strong, while also looking to what you and your team need to be successful. With sessions about everything from how to build an iron-clad sales enablement motion to keeping reps motivated in the midst of economic uncertainty to how to avoid over-purchasing software you don’t need when budgets are top-of-mind, you'll leave prepared to crush all your quotas.

4. PEAK is about YOU, not US.

Look, duh, we’re a software company asking you to come to our turf to hang out for a spell. It’s not a secret that we stand to benefit somewhat from that. But, above all, we want you to have an incredibly valuable experience. It’s kind of my job, actually. HOWEVER, we take great pains to make sure that PEAK is not like those other painful sales conferences where you’re essentially bait-and-switched into one demo of our product over and over. Literally nobody wants that and, so, we’ve designed our agenda to truly be about how we, collectively, can get smarter as revenue leaders. We’re here to facilitate great conversations about our industry, but the ‘what’ and ‘how’ is being led by real practitioners and we promise that nobody in a Garth Brooks headset microphone is going to force you into a demo (at least, not at our event. We can’t control what happens in downtown Nashville). 

Garth Brooks thinks you should come to PEAK

5. Speaking of Nashville, have you been here in the fall?! 

Look, we’re a little biased since Nashville is our home, but there’s a reason that Travis, Jared, and Brian didn’t stay in the Bay Area after founding Ambition. It’s *really beautiful* here in Tennessee: The weather is crisp-but-not-cold, the sun is out during the day, and you’ll arrive at the tail-end of Summer’s bachelorette party frenzy and right before holiday cuffing season. We can’t promise you’ll see a pumpkin-spiced marriage proposal downtown, but since we’ll all end up on Broadway at an authentic real honky tonk, it’s definitely not out of the question. 

Convinced? I hope so. If not, HEAD HERE to see the full agenda, speaker line-up, photos from 2019, and much more!


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