A Multi Metric Team Competition to Slam Your Goals

Stand-alone sales contests are So. Last. Summer. This quarter we are rolling out a team competition across our full revenue teams. We have partnered up individual contributors from sales, sales development, account management, and customer success and then….we broke into WWE wrestler themes. Here’s the how-to for creating a belt-worthy team competition that smashes revenue goals.

The WWE Summer Slam Scoring Setup

The point system is obviously one of the most important parts of launching a cross-functional team competition. You’ll need metrics where each role can meaningfully contribute, and if you sell up market, this type of team competition is best suited for a duration of at least a full quarter. This is because enterprise CSMs, for example, have books of business locked in and if they have don’t have any renewals for a week, month, etc– they would not be able to participate. Quarter-long competitions are great to run concurrently with smaller blitz type competitions to have impact on more metrics and keep teams motivated and energized. 

For our summer slam teams, here is a look at how we built the scoring: 

  • Meetings held: 5 points
    • This is for the SDRs in the group. We want to incent on held meetings (not just scheduled meetings). Summer can be a tough time to get prospects to show up, so this is a good way to emphasize we are really going for meeting show rates. 
  • Closed Won multi-year contracts: 1 point per $1000
    • This is for the AEs on the team. We put an emphasis on the “multi-year” part. We have been working on an initiative around more multi-year contracts, so putting that parameter into the competition is a good way to reinforce that priority. 
  • Closed Won multi-year renewals: 1 point per $1000
    • Similar to the sales target, for CSMs we want to incentivize multi-year renewals, so that is the parameter for renewals here. 
  • Closed Won expansions: 1 point per every $500
    • This can be on the sales or success size and helps drive up ARR and NDR
  • Pilots converted: 10 points

The Theme

The theme is really the pizazz and the secret sauce in driving adoption and participation. We created ours to be WWE Summer Slam themed because it is absurd to dress up as wrestlers, and we love a bad Photoshop moment. We rebranded each revenue leader as an iconic wrestler and named the teams after said wrestler. Any sports league or movie theme that drives laughs, excitement, and competitive spirit will work. The team competition is really meant to emphasize the team, so the more engaging you can make it, the better. 

The Draft and Rollout

Part of the fun of a team competition is the trash talk that goes with it. We are a hybrid/remote team, so not everyone could be in person for the draft, but the teams were announced and unveiled live on our go-to-market call making it exciting and driving participation from the get go. Slack channels for each team, regularly broadcasted leaderboards, and walk out music were all part of building the excitement and buy-in. As for the makeup of the teams, every group includes SDRs, Account Managers, Customer Success Reps, and Account Executives.

3 Things to Consider When Building a Cross-Functional Team Competition

When looking to roll out any team competition, a recipe for success can be built from 3 key considerations:

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