How you start a conversation matters, and establishing rep/manager accountability is essential. But even simple questions can spark honest conversations that lead to constructive feedback, necessary course-correcting, and positive behavior change that will ultimately move the mark. 

In this checklist, you’ll see the top 20 questions Ambition customers used in 2021 to coach their reps to success. Whether you need to focus on goal setting and tracking or call analysis and opportunities for improvement, this list is proven by your peers in the industry to ignite rep productivity and impact your bottom line. 

20 Questions for Effective Sales Coaching

  1. What challenges or roadblocks do you need help with?
  2. What did you focus on this week? 
  3. What is holding you back? 
  4. What have you been doing that’s working? Why?
  5. How can I help you?
  6. What have you been doing that’s not working? Why?
  7. What do you need help with? 
  8. What did you accomplish last week? 
  9. What went well on this call? 
  10. What are your goals this week? 
  11. What do you need from me? 
  12. What is the one thing you have accomplished since the last review that you are most proud of? 
  13. Is there anything you need from me or the company to help win this opportunity? 
  14. On a scale of 1–10, how productive have you been since the last review? If you wanted to move up a number, what would it take? 
  15. What can I help with? 
  16. What would you have liked to improve on this call? 
  17. Do you feel like you are tracking toward your weekly goals? 
  18. How are you doing? 
  19. What are you focused on this week? 
  20. What do you plan to accomplish this week? 

Want to keep these questions handy for your next check-in? Download your free coaching checklist now.

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