Out of all the qualities your top performers share, feeling a sense of accomplishment and belonging at work may be the most significant. People who feel valued are more motivated, experience higher job satisfaction, and see a 56% increase in overall performance. If happier reps are more productive reps, creating a culture of encouragement is essential to your team’s success. According to Nancy Maluso, principal analyst at Forrester, “A culture of appreciation has a material impact on productivity.”

One of the easiest ways sales managers can cultivate this is through personal and team recognition. Even simple gestures of appreciation remind your people that you value their contributions and care about their success. Here are 10 ways managers in the field recognize their people. We hope these give you inspiration on how to recognize your own.

  1. Set up automated recognition within Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email
  2. Have your CRO FaceTime a rep to hype a milestone or celebrate when they hit their quota
  3. Put your top seller from the quarter’s face on a billboard
  4. Set aside time in stand-ups for teamwide shoutouts or “snaps”
  5. Invite AEs to mentor SDRs or share their win stories in a team meeting, Ambition workflow, or check-in
  6. Rally your team to Venmo the person who hits a defined metric within a day
  7. Give someone the day or afternoon off to focus on their “self care commit” 
  8. Offer to take over a rep’s desk for the day
  9. Nominate peers for their accomplishments and merits
  10. Sponsor someone’s favorite meal with an UberEats gift card

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