Ambition optimizes sales managers’ time, promotes a positive employee experience, and facilitates a dynamic virtual sales environment that increases productivity, pipeline, and revenue in a work-from-anywhere world 

Today, Forrester Consulting released a study commissioned by Ambition, the leading rep performance management software for data-driven revenue organizations, that assesses Ambition’s Total Economic Impact™. The study reveals Ambition customers experience a 515% return on investment (ROI) based on four key findings and other qualitative benefits. 

The shift to remote work over the past few years has dramatically compounded the challenges revenue leaders already face. Left to manage and synthesize multiple data sources, effectively coach their distributed reps, and inspire productivity that impacts their bottom line, modern revenue leaders are overwhelmed. 

“The CRM doesn’t help frontline sales managers effectively manage their teams—at its core it’s a database,” Travis Truett, CEO of Ambition said. “To unlock the potential of your team and grow your bottom line, it’s critical to implement a solution that empowers the frontline sales manager to motivate, course correct, and coach their reps with just-in-time insights and data. This creates a culture of accountability and encouragement that keeps top talent in-seat and operating at peak performance.” 

According to Forrester, it’s proven that direct managers have the most impact and influence on sales reps’ success. That’s why they interviewed four Ambition customers in the direct manager role who previously relied on cumbersome coaching platforms and incomplete sales metrics data. Through those interviews, Forrester uncovered that after investing in Ambition the interviewees experienced:

  • Increased profit driven by 25% lift in leading indicators
  • Gave managers 7 high-value hours back each week
  • Automated spiff competitions by over 90%
  • Improved employee retention by 25% to 55%

“My team experienced an 87% growth in contract value based on new business contract growth versus annual recurring revenue,” said a utilities senior inside sales manager interviewed for the study.

Additionally, the Forrester study concludes that Ambition software reduces sales cycle length, democratizes data while avoiding legacy costs, and improves sales culture and recognition, among other benefits.

“Our company was an in-office company prior to COVID-19,” said a director of inbound sales in the software industry. “Our team did not work remotely, and we were very hesitant about it. The thing that gives us confidence every day is Ambition.”

To learn more about the value of Ambition, download the TEI Executive Summary here


About Ambition
We're on a mission to help teams create momentum and achieve goals in a work-from-anywhere world. Ambition's one-of-a-kind Rep Performance Management platform delivers the capabilities revenue leaders need to coach at scale and create amazing sales culture. The most innovative companies and dozens of Fortune 500 sales orgs rely on Ambition to drive performance and exceed expectations.

About Forrester
Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) consulting practice develops business value justification analysis to help organizations understand the financial impact of a technology investment. Forrester helps both business technology consumers build financial analysis for their own internal technology decisions as well as help technology organizations objectively showcase the financial impact of their solutions.

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